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Our education system is not from this century

That our education system is not from this century is a somewhat trivial statement. It is trivial in the sense that education has not changed fundamentally in the last ten years. It is not trivial in the sense that the present generation comes ready with a set of skills and expectations developed in a technical world that has little resemblance with the past. This is one of the themes Grant McCracken and Kerry Howley discuss over at

From experiences with the current generation of students, I can largely agree with this statement. One often gets the feeling that young people seem to have trouble adjusting to this antiquated surrounding called university. For this reason I am currently trying to get an introductory course going that tries to familiarize students with science and the university while at the same time exploring the possibilities of a wide range of new technological means in this educational context. Michael Wesch is definitely one of the inspirations for such a project.


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